The BRA issued a call for nominations for the Blue Hill Ave/Cummins Hwy Working Advisory Group (WAG) in April 2013. The authority received 32 nominations from stakeholders, including Fairmount corridor non profits, business groups, and elected officials. Mayor Menino selected the 13-member selection based on its representative sample of the Blue Hill Ave/Cummins Hwy station area.​

The 13-member group is a volunteer entity charged with assisting the BRA’s planning team in developing a short and long term strategy for public realm improvements, business growth, employment opportunities, capital investement and public and private property development guidelines in Mattapan.  The Blue Hill Ave/Cummins Hwy WAG is the second of four Advisory Group's to work with the BRA and Consultant Team for specific Station Area Improvement Plans.

Blue Hill Ave/Cummins Hwy WAG members include:


As part of the City of Boston’s Fairmount Indigo Planning Initiative, the Blue Hill Avenue/ Cummins Highway Station Area Plan establishes a framework for future improvements and investment to complement the transit infrastructure at a new MBTA station and to enhance both the commercial center of Mattapan Square and the surrounding neighborhoods. The Station Area Plan seeks to leverage transit for new economic prosperity and to reinforce the Station Area as an important hub of commercial and cultural activity in the Fairmount Indigo Corridor.

Blue Hill Ave/Cummins Hwy Station Area
Complete Plan

Corey Allen
Vilma Beraducci
Amenyonah Bossman
R. Kelly Cameron
Lisa Dix
Dieufort J. Fleurissant

Joanne Freeman
Jaques Dady Jean
Lincoln Lamond

Allentza Michel

Robert Peters

Tina Petigeny


Blue Hill Ave/Cummins Hwy Station Area
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Flyer for WAG Meeting: Feb 25, 2015